joI am currently in my late thirties with a full time job, home commitments and hobbies as most people have.

However, my intention is to be revisiting this page in a few years and to be able to say that I am in some way involved in the food industry.

There you have it, vague, but I genuinely don’t know where I am going with this yet. I have a variety of options to explore and at this stage I don’t know which, if any are viable but i feel it is time to make a start in the right direction.

I have daydreamed about opening everything from a cake shop, beer cafe, pop-up street food stall to being a private chef and many other variations. The reality is, I don’t know how it will play out but I need to get the ball rolling.

With cake shops in mind, most people will admit they like a bit of indulgence now and again where food is concerned. I definitely fall in to the ‘again, again….again’ category but it is no surprise that yes, your health does suffer from regular over-indulgence and nutritional health is becoming an area of significant interest to me. (Not enough to stop eating cakes completely at this stage, but then I’m only human) .matcha cake

I have recently seen my partner lose over 5 stone and have seen the significant changes in his health as a consequence so this has fuelled my interest in the power of food further.


I have taken the first step and have enrolled with the college of Naturopathic medicine on their Natural Chef Course. I have some preliminary modules to complete first throughout this year on Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition for Everyday Living so will be starting the Natural Chef training late 2018 / early 2019.

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