Welcome to ‘Journey into food’.

Expect to see recipes, ideas, ingredient discussions, food travel stories and my journey exploring and hopefully entering a future in the food industry in whatever format this may be.

I have just turned 37. I’m fortunate to have a good home life and decent day job which I enjoy and some fun hobbies.

It should be enough …. but deep down it isn’t.

There are a few things I’d always envisaged me doing when I was younger but didn’t really see happening.

Performing on stage in a band, travelling the world and working with food.

So far I can say I’m half way there. I sing and play keyboard in a rock band most weekends (that’s the fun hobby by the way). I have been fortunate to travel a lot over the last 10 years with my partner but there are still many more places I’d like to see. The only thing I haven’t explored is my passion to work with food.

My current job, the band and travelling require lots of planning ahead so the majority of the time I’m focussing on the rest of the year rather than today. This makes time pass very quickly and I’m rarely in the moment. If I don’t make changes now I’ll find that the time has gone and I didn’t explore the passion to work with food, it will just become something I wish I’d have done. I do not want that to happen!

I’m an all or nothing kind of person in all areas of life, If I have a current creative phase I’m into I go to town with it and get really involved until the next phase.

However, food has become more of a passing phase, I think about it most of the time and my all or nothing approach where food is concerned just means I’m either cooking super healthy, clean food or I’m off the scale at the other end baking highly calorific indulgent treats and inflicting them on everyone around me, either way my relationship with food is bordering obsessive.

I get so excited about going shopping for food, tasting new things, adapting recipes, health benefits of food, reading recipe books, even if I’m not watching a food or travel show on TV there is one on in the background.

Moving forward, although I love an indulgent treat as much as the next person I am interested in the nutritional health benefits of food and how this affects the body. Having seen my partner recently lose over 5 stone and seeing the significant changes in his health as a consequence this has fuelled my interest in the power of food even further.

I have taken the first step and have enrolled with the college of Naturopathic medicine on their Natural Chef Course. I have some preliminary modules to complete first throughout this year on Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition for Everyday Living so will be starting the chef training late 2018 / early 2019.

It would be great to start the Natural Chef course sooner but I have to be realistic about the amount of spare time I have.

I don’t know where this will lead, if anywhere……… but it’s a start.

Jo Green

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    Good luck with the course ☺


    1. journeyintofood100 says:

      Thank You x


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